12 Hours Behind the Wheel DMV Drive Test Assistance

Six 2 Hour Sessions + 45 Minute Warm-up and DMV Drive Test Assistance

12¾ Hrs


Office meet or client pick up

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Service description

The DMV requires all minors to have a minimum of six hours of behind the wheel training with a DMV licensed driving instructor. At the end of six hours of training, the teen will receive a certificate making them eligible to take the DMV drive test. But, why stop there? An extra three sessions with a driving instructor is always recommended. Especially if you don't have much opportunity to practice with someone else. There's always more to learn.


We strongly recommend any new driver have at the minimum 10 hours of professional instruction. Driving is about awareness and safe habits. 12 hours will let us really reinforce good habits and diminish bad habits.


At the end of the five 2 two hour lessons, we will assist with the DMV drive test. This includes a 45 minute warm-up session with an instructor. Then the instructor will walk them through the DMV drive test check in process. The instructor will also wait in the car with the student until an examiner is assigned to them for the drive test and the student will take the test in a car they're been training in and are familiar with. The instructor will be waiting for them to come back and then drive the student home after the test. (Unless it was a DMV meeting arrangement)


You're welcome to use your own vehicle, but this service also includes the use of our vehicle for the drive test if you need it.


We can schedule your DMV drive test appointment for you. But, if you would like to make your own appointment, there is a link to the DMV scheduling tool at the bottom. We recommend using the El Monte or Pasadena DMV if you're using our service. Otherwise, there will be an additional fee for any other DMV on our list of acceptable DMVs which will be collected at a later time.



This is also recommended for people who have a driver's license from another country and need to familiarize themselves with the U.S. rules of the road and safety procedures.

Cancellation Policy

If for any reason the student needs to cancel or re-schedule a lesson, it needs to be cancelled 24 hours before the scheduled appointment, otherwise there will be a $50 cancellation fee at the discretion of the owner or instructor.


The Returned Check Fee is $35.


There will be no refunds after a package has been purchased and lesson time has commenced.


Please call (626) 625-5006 to cancel or reschedule.