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Do you need a quick brush-up on your driving skills?


If you haven't been behind the wheel for some time and want to get comfortable driving again, a quick 1 hour lesson is worth the peace of mind. You'll be paired with one of our instructors to go over california driving laws and requirements to get you back on the road with confidence and safe driving practices.


We teach defensive driving, safety, and awareness as our top priorities. Yolanda's Driving School uses Honda Civics to train in. One of the top rated vehicles for safety available on the market. All of our cars are equipped with passenger side brake and gas pedals for our instructors to take control of the vehicle in case the need arrises. Modern Honda Civics also come standard with a collision avoidance system that will automatically brake if the onboard computer senses a possible collision. So, rest assured, with Yolanda's Driving School, you'll have layers of safety to make sure the student will come home a better and more aware driver! Now, that is peace of mind.


NOTE: This driving package does not satisfy the California DMV requirements for minors to obtain their license.


There is a $15 fee per lesson added for some pickup locations.


Those locations are:

Azusa, Baldwin Park, East San Gabriel, San Marino, South El Monte and Pasadena

1 Hour Drive Time

PriceFrom $85.00
  • If for any reason the student needs to cancel or re-schedule a lesson, it needs to be cancelled 24 hours before the scheduled appointment, otherwise there will be a $50 cancellation fee at the discretion of the owner and instructor.

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