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About Our Driving School

Education. Exploration. Satisfaction.


Yolanda's Driving School is located in the heart of Arcadia, and reflects the vibrant energy of the area.


At the core of everything we do is our passion for education and our commitment to our students. Thanks to our varied course selection and unique teaching techniques, our school has been ranked as the top Driving School time and time again.


The skilled team members are here to help students achieve their goals.


Are you ready to reach your potential? Call us today to learn more about Yolanda's Driving School.

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Classes and Courses


Online Driver's Education

Self paced insight


Teenager Driving Services

Hands-On Learning

All Ages Driving

Basic and Intermediate Courses


Driving Lessons and DMV Drive Test

Goals Achieved

What to expect during lessons

  • Free pick-up and drop-off from home, school, or designated pick-up.

  • We use economical, easy handling, new model Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla.

  • 1-on-1 training. We do not accommodate multiple students during lessons.

  • Courteous, knowledgeable and professional instructors.

  • Our instructors are vetted with background checks and fingerprints.

  • Honest progress updates for the student and/or parents.

What to expect at the drive test

  • Pick-up one hour before your scheduled drive test.

  • Refresher and review lesson.

  • The instructor will be with you every step of the way to help with questions, concerns and will help you through the DMV process.

  • Take your test in the same vehicle you've been training in so you'll already be familiar with all of the controls in the vehicle.

  • The instructor will drop you off back home after your test.

About our vehicles

  • Our vehicles are fully insured.

  • Brake pedal, gas pedal and rear view mirror installed in the passenger side.

  • Five star safety rating.

  • Easy handling.

  • Newer models

  • Clear markings so other drivers know there is a student driving